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Plans Of Cocoon Holdings Limited

Cocoon Holdings Limited primarily takes a principal negotiation role and often retains a strategic interest in the company for capital appreciation and increased share price.

The company endeavours to establish at the outset a well-defined exit strategy for each investment. As capital is a precious resource, it has to be used with the objective of adding shareholders’ value.

Our Executive Committee reflects a deep personal belief in value creation with a strong potential in earning growth and capital appreciation. We seek to establish the underlying value of a company and we are committed to a few basic rules: strong management integrity, efficient operational excellence, strong clienteles, market driven products and services, solid cash flow with a potential to expand and grow. We lay emphasis on a business strategy coupled with an effective management structure reflecting profit and loss responsibilities.

Looking ahead, the Group will keep the business strategy of investing in stock markets and private equities. Meanwhile, the Group will continue to explore more quality, non-listed investment opportunities in the Greater China market and unlock the values of these sound, private companies with our proven management.

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